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  Our new innovative SMART gear display is a small 1" square dash mountable display, uses a 5x7 led dot matrix type display available in 2 colors. Custom LED colors are available by request for a small fee. This display is designed to be used as a standalone gear display with purchase of an interface module, or with the new Shift Box SMART. The Interface Module SMART+ outputs a 0-5V analog voltage for use with ECU's or data loggers for a simple interface signifying current gear. This is useful on ECU's like Haltech and AEM Infinity which allow boost by gear, or different maps by gear. The display MUST be used with one of our interface modules or compatible shift boxes. If you don't see your transmission type listed, be sure to contact us as we can program the interface module to work with virtually any electronic automatic transmission. It can even be made to work with manual transmissions if you have a way to mount position sensors, or micro switches to detect gear position. Display includes a 5' plug in cable and mounting hardware. Some wiring is necessary to install the interface module or shift box.

Note: Interface Module - SMART or Shift Box - SMART is REQUIRED to use this gauge, it will not function without one of those items to connect to. Interface modules are discounted when selected below as a package with the gear display.

The Gear Display SMART includes the following features:

  • No enclosure, may be flush mounted in your dash
  • Simple to program with easy to read large led dot matrix display with scrolling text
  • Overdrive off LED indicator (amber) when used with the Shift Box SMART
  • Economy mode LED indicator (green) when used with the Shift Box SMART
  • User configurable display brightness
  • Red or blue LED dot matrix display
  • Powered by a powerful high quality PIC Microcontroller
  • Can be used standalone with interface module OR with the Shift Box SMART
  • Wiring harness with plug in connection (Available in 5' length)
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Retail price ONLY $149.99

Please specify in order comments: Year, Make, Model, Transmission model
Known compatible transmissions:

(More to be added soon, contact us)

  • Mitsubishi W4A32, W4A33, F4A32, F4A33
  • Mitsubishi F4A41, F4A42, F4A51
  • GM 4L60E, 4L80E
  • Subaru 4EAT
  • Chrysler 41TE, 40TE, 41AE, Ultradrive variants


Gear Display - SMART with RED LED display


Gear Display - SMART with BLUE LED display


Disclaimer: Forced Four, and the employees of Forced Four are not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by the misuse, improper installation, product glitches, or product failures.  By installing this product and using this product, you are agreeing to this disclaimer. Forced Four will stand behind the quality of our products, and will try to correct any issues you may have while using this product, but are in no way liable for what this product may do.

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