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Shift Box BASIC - Product Support Page
Last updated 4/16/12

Basic instructions:

  • Once installed, this shift box is simple to use. Simply press the up-shift button to advance to the next gear, or press the down-shift button to drop to a lower gear.
  • This shift box will boot up in 3rd gear every time as a safety in case the shift box would ever reboot due to a power connection problem.
  • By default the downshift protection RPM is 4500RPM, see the menu below to change this, or disable the downshift protection.
  • Note that the shifts are made at full line pressure, so learning the timing on when to make the shift will make using this shift box much more pleasurable on the street.
  • Note that the transmission has a delay of 500ms-1000ms for the actual shift to complete. This will vary some with engine speed and power level, and transmission adjustments. Be sure to shift early until you learn how long your transmission takes to perform the shift at WOT to prevent a possible over-rev of the engine.

Using the menu:

  • To enter the menu, down-shift to first gear using the down-shift button, then hold the down-shift button for ~ 5 seconds until you hear a series of beeps
  • The display will display the downshift protection RPM, "4500" is the default RPM
  • To change the value press the up-shift button... This will advance the increments up to 7000 in 500RPM increments, after 7000 it will roll over to "off" to disable the downshift protection. Continue to advance until your desired RPM is displayed.
  • Once you have the desired value; you can either wait ~ 5 seconds for the menu to exit, or press the down-shift button to advance to the next menu option.
  • The next menu option will display whether the audio beeps are on or off. Default is on. Press the up-shift button to toggle the audio on or off. Note there is always audio in the menu, and this will only change normal operation, like when a shift is blocked because the engine speed is above the set limit, or when a shift cannot be made because the gear limit is met.
  • Once you have the audio set where you want it; you can either wait ~5 seconds for the menu to exit, or press the down-shift button to display the current firmware version and exit the menu.
  • All settings are saved to flash memory as soon as they are changed automatically

Testing the downshift protection:

  • On the bottom side of the shift box is a yellow/orange LED. This LED does a bulb test when the shift box is first powered up. See image for exact location.
  • This LED is used to indicate the downshift protection is working. When the engine RPM's are brought up above the set RPM, the LED will turn on. When the RPM's drop below the set RPM the led will turn off.
  • Note some flicker on this LED is normal, especially when near the set RPM due to timing belt flex and noise. If excessive, this may indicate your cam or crank angle sensor needs to be replaced.

Updating the firmware:

  • The most recent Shift Box BASIC firmware version is 002
  • Please send an e-mail to sales@forcedfour.com to inquire about updating your firmware. Please note this shift box does not support USB firmware updates and will need to be shipped to Forced Four to be updated.
  • (Note: All settings will be set to factory defaults when the firmware is updated)

Confused? Contact us at sales@forcedfour.com

Check out our tutorial video of this shift box in action!

Installation Instructions
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