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DSM Gear Display - Product Support Page
Last updated 10/9/13

Basic instructions:

  • Once installed, this gear display will show you the current gear position based on the power sent to the solenoids in the transmission. This display will always tell you what gear the transmission is in regardless of the method used to control the transmission.
  • This gear display can be mounted wherever you would like, simply used double sided sticky tape to mount. For a more custom look, you can flush mount it in your dash or instrument cluster.

Adjusting display brightness:
ONLY available if purchased after 10/9/13. Wiring harness will have a yellow band signifying it contains the adjustable brightness feature.

  • To configure the brightness you need to be able to manually shift the transmission.
  • Starting in 3rd gear shift to 2nd, then back to 3rd 3 times within about 6 seconds or until the decimal point is illuminated.
  • The decimal point on the display will illuminate signifying adjustable brightness mode is active. This mode will remain active for about 10 seconds.
  • Select the brightness by changing gears. First gear is the dimmest setting, 4th gear is the brightest setting. 3rd gear is the default setting.
  • Once the decimal point turns off (after about 10 seconds) the brightness setting is saved.

Wiring instructions:

  • Red wire is +12 volt switched from the ignition
  • Black wire is ground, connect to a good clean chassis ground
  • White wire splices with the Shift Solenoid A wire
  • Green wire splices with the Shift Solenoid B wire

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