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--- Shift Box DSM-PLUS ---

Our shift boxes are designed to simplify manual shifting of your auto DSM

  The Shift Box DSM-PLUS is a simple to use automatic transmission handheld shift box designed for automatic DSMís. Our shift boxes are compatible with all 89-99 vehicles utilizing an F4A32, F4A33, W4A32, and W4A33 automatic transmission. This programmable low cost option is designed for those who donít need all the fancy features of our Shift Box COLOR, but still want the same great quality our products all have. This shift box has all the same features most competitor shift boxes include plus a few features there's don't, all this for a lower price. This Shift Box is programmable for automatic up-shifts, just like the COLOR. This allows you to set the RPM for each gear change which is a useful feature for drag racing. This shift box also includes our exclusive down shift protection to prevent the user from accidentally down shifting when the engine revs are above a user adjustable RPM. This shift box will beep to let you know when a shift was blocked if over your configured down-shift protection RPM. Available with a red LED dot matrix display, high quality up shift and down shift buttons, easy to wire, works with your TCU or as a full standalone, and has inputs for external shifters. You can even switch between your TCU and this shift box without going into limp mode using the optional TCU package, OR use as a full standalone transmission shifter. Shift box includes a wiring harness that requires a direct wired connection.

Optional TCU package includes a toggle switch with wiring harness, only necessary if you plan to use with a TCU in the car.

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The Shift Box DSM-PLUS includes the following features:

  • Stylish black enclosure
  • Programmable up-shifts independent for each gear change
    1-2 up-shift is user adjustable in 100RPM increments from 5000RPM to 12,000RPM
    2-3 up-shift is user adjustable in 100RPM increments from 5000RPM to 12,000RPM
    3-4 up-shift is user adjustable in 100RPM increments from 5000RPM to 12,000RPM
  • User adjustable down-shift protection
    User adjustable on the fly in 500RPM increments from OFF, and 3500RPM to 7000RPM
  • Overdrive off feature with indicator to prevent up-shifts to 4th gear
  • Full line pressure shifts
  • Red or blue LED dot matrix display
  • Powered by a powerful high quality PICģ Microcontroller
  • High quality shift buttons
  • Audio alerts when down-shifts are blocked
  • External shift inputs
  • Switch between TCU or shift box control on the fly with optional TCU package
  • Can be used with a TCU or on it's own as a standalone transmission controller
  • 40" length wiring harness with direct wire connection
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Retail price ONLY $199.99


DSM Shift Box DSM-PLUS with RED display


DSM Shift Box DSM-PLUS with BLUE display


Disclaimer: Forced Four, and the employees of Forced Four are not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by the misuse, improper installation, product glitches, or product failures.  By installing this product and using this product, you are agreeing to this disclaimer. Forced Four will stand behind the quality of our products, and will try to correct any issues you may have while using this product, but are in no way liable for what this product may do.

Added to catalog on 6/5/12

Check out our tutorial video of this shift box in action!




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