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Universal Android Programmable 4 Channel Window Switch

Coming soon!

Subject to change!

The WS100, a universal Android programmable 4 channel window switch with data logging capabilities, will offer 4 individually configurable 1A outputs based on a number of analog and digital inputs. The input and output values will be able to be data logged and stored on a micro SD card on most any Android device via a wireless Bluetooth connection. The WS100 has 3 configurable analog inputs for throttle position, temperature, pressure, or any other analog sensor. The WS100 also has two frequency inputs for Engine RPM and vehicle speed, plus 1 digital input for use with a brake switch, push button, pressure switch, etc. In addition to the 3 analog, 2 frequency, and 1 digital inputs the WS100 also includes a battery voltage input that is also used for window switches and data logging. The Android app is 100% free to use with purchase of a WS100 and is compatible with most Android phones and tablets.

The WS100 includes the following features:

  • Android app with Bluetooth wireless communication
  • Data logging of all inputs and outputs
  • Stylish mountable black enclosure with status LED's
  • 4 user configurable "windowed" outputs (Sink up to 1A each)
  • 3 configurable analog sensor inputs
  • 2 digital frequency inputs for engine rpm and vehicle speed
  • 1 digital input active high or low
  • Battery voltage input
  • Powered by a powerful high quality PIC Microcontroller
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Retail price ONLY $249.99

Note: Data logging capability may not be available at initial release, but will be available with an Android software update.


When will it be available? This has been pushed back a few times now, hopefully we will find the time to finish this up very soon! Contact us for more details!

Will you support the iPhone? No, Android devices are cheap enough there is no reason not to go buy a cheap tablet or borrow your buddies.

Is this just for DSM's/EVO's? No, this will be 100% universal and will work with virtually any vehicle powered by a 12VDC negative ground system including cars, trucks, gas, diesel, ATV's and Marine applications.

Will I need an Android phone to use it? No, only needed to configure it and if you wish to data log. Once the inputs and outputs are configured the unit is fully standalone and will operate as such until the configuration is changed with an Android device.

Will there be data logging? Yes, but the development time to fully support it is taking to long, so this will be available in an Android update when finished and not available at the initial release.

What does it do? This is really designed (but not limited to) for those that are using a stock ECU in their car or an ECU with limited configurable inputs/outputs or no/limited access to data logging. This can be used as a fail safe alarm when at WOT and your wideband goes below a certain AFR, or if fuel pressure falls below a set value. It can also be used to spray nitrous or meth when the right conditions are met, or as simple as control a radiator fan. The uses are really limitless and you can configure each output to special values based on the connected sensors, or ignore the ones you don't care about. Using it as a fail safe you could have it cut spark or simply light up a light on the dash or sound a warning buzzer. On top of all of this the inputs you have connected, along with the current state of the outputs can all be data logged when connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Android device.

Do you need any beta testers? Yes and no. I have several people already lined up for beta testing, however if you have a working android device with Bluetooth and a running vehicle you are willing to wire into, send an e-mail to sales@forcedfour.com and let me know.

Where can we follow the progress? Most updates are announced on my Facebook page along with some boring pictures, but there will be some updated on this product page and on the home page.



Disclaimer: Forced Four, and the employees of Forced Four are not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by the misuse, improper installation, product glitches, or product failures.  By installing this product and using this product, you are agreeing to this disclaimer. Forced Four will stand behind the quality of our products, and will try to correct any issues you may have while using this product, but are in no way liable for what this product may do.

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