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--- P&H Injector Driver ---

Our Injector Drivers are designed to be plug and play with ECMLink for DSM's

Our Peak & Hold Fuel Injector Driver modules allows ECUís that have a saturated injector drive circuit to trigger low impedance injectors with a true Peak & Hold injector drive circuit. Designed for high performance 4 cylinder engines.

Our 4 Channel Peak & Hold Injector Driver contains 4 injector drive channels. Each channel supplies full battery voltage to a fuel injector for rapid current rise, in order to produce a positive injector opening. When load current reaches ~4.1A the injector driver reduces the load current to ~1.1A and operates as a saturated constant current driver. This condition holds the injector open reducing current draw from the electrical system and prolonging the fuel injectors life. If the current fails to reach 4.1A within ~5mS, the driver module automatically reduces the load current to 1.1A to prevent damage to the injector.

Installation is straightforward. Users simply hook the injector trigger wires from the ECU to the module, and then hook the output wires from the module to your injectors. The enable input must be grounded to enable the set of 4 channels. If using 4 injectors you would simply ground this input. If using this driver to control additional injectors then your engine management software needs to control this input to turn on the second channel. ECMLink allows this using either the EGR solenoid output or the FPR solenoid output. AEM EMS also has support for multiple fueling devices.

  • 4 Channel true Peak & Hold low impedance fuel injector driver
  • 100% Electronic Solid State control with no mechanical relays required
  •  Includes complete plug & play wiring harness right up to the fuel injectors
  • Use to add 4 additional fuel injectors or to drive the existing injectors
  • Solid rugged aluminum construction for long lasting protection
  • Black textured polyester powder coated
  • Operating Voltage: 8-18VDC with negative ground
  • RPM Capability: Unlimited
  • Injector Triggers: 4
  • Enable Triggers: 1
  • Trigger Waveform: Output is activated when input trigger is grounded
  • Trigger Impedance: 220 Ohm input impedance, pulled up to 12VDC
  • Output Current High: 4.1A Peak
  • Output Current Low: 1.1A Sustain
  • Peak Current Timeout: 5mS
  • Protection: Inputs are optically isolated
  • Injector harness: 72" length
  • Input / power harness: 40" length
  • Dimensions: 4.75" x 2.75" x 1.50"
  • Weight: 10oz
  • Limited 1 year warranty

Note: We also strongly recommend soldering all connections to assure trouble free operation.

Proud sponsor of John Wigger (johntsi), and his 1992 Eagle Talon TSi, producing over 1069WHP and 667ft/lbs torque using this injector driver and ECMLink engine management.


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