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--- Shift Box SMART 100.1 ---

Our shift boxes are designed to simplify manual shifting of your auto transmission

  The all new SMART 100.1 shift box adds many new features, listed below, and is compatible with many different transmission types. The SMART 100.1 has 4 solenoid drivers which can be configured as shift solenoids, lockup clutch control, and line pressure control (soft shift). This shift box works with all of our other SMART components available including the SMART handheld adding a familiar handheld type remote with dot matrix led display, the SMART display and SMART gauge offering a compact dash mountable dot matrix led display or 52mm gauge type display; requiring the use of your own push buttons or paddles for manual shifting and menu interface. Any of the mentioned handheld or dash mounted displays simply plug into the shift box. The SMART 100.1 has 2 general purpose outputs that can be configured as a windowed output using the various sensor inputs, or as an overdrive off output, or torque reduction to your ECU. One new feature is the capability of using a ratchet style shifter, this requires the addition of the SMART+ module to interface the ratchet shifter to one of the available analog inputs. This allows you to use downshift protection with a ratchet shifter and also take advantage of the automatic up-shifts when you want. We also have a stall up mode that automatically detects stall up condition and can be configured to turn on the general purpose output to interface with your ECU or dump valve with a closed loop control. Additionally the popular programmable RPM based up-shifts for consistent track passes with those perfectly timed shifts are even better than ever along with the addition of MPH based up-shifts. The new menu has a deeper level for faster navigation and contains many new items, including configurable display scroll speed and brightness.

Changes over the original SMART 100 include a few extra configurable inputs, and an extra digital output, Speed sensor input to allow speed based up-shifts and fully automatic mode. USB port to configure with our PC app. Fully automatic mode with 2 user configurable shift maps (sport and economy). 

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The Shift Box SMART 100.1 includes the following features:

  • Stylish dash mountable billet machined black plastic enclosure only 5/8" thick
  • Super simple to configure using our free PC app with the USB port
  • Fully automatic mode with dual shift maps (sport and economy)
  • Compatible with select transmissions that are electronically controlled up to 6 speeds with standard on off solenoid control with up to 4 shift solenoids
  • Programmable speed based WOT up-shifts independent for each gear change
  • Programmable RPM based WOT up-shifts independent for each gear change
    1-2 up-shift is user adjustable in 1RPM increments from 3000RPM to 12,000RPM
    2-3 up-shift is user adjustable in 1RPM increments from 3000RPM to 12,000RPM
    3-4 up-shift is user adjustable in 1RPM increments from 3000RPM to 12,000RPM
    4-5 up-shift is user adjustable in 1RPM increments from 3000RPM to 12,000RPM
    5-6 up-shift is user adjustable in 1RPM increments from 3000RPM to 12,000RPM
  • User configurable down-shift protection
    User configurable in 1RPM increments from OFF, and 3500RPM to 7000RPM
  • User configurable line pressure control (soft shift feature)
  • User configurable torque converter lock-up clutch control
    Includes green indicator LED to show when the lock-up output is enabled on available displays
  • Overdrive off feature with amber LED indicator to prevent up-shifts to overdrive gear
  • General purpose outputs that are user configurable
  • 4 digital inputs that are user configurable, or used for shift buttons and brake switch
  • 2 analog inputs that are user configurable, often used for TPS sensor and ratchet shfiter
  • User configurable display brightness and menu scroll speed
  • Powerful MOSFET's for even faster shifts with less voltage drop producing less heat
  • Improved RPM measurement circuit for more accurate shifts and easier installation
  • Full line pressure up shifts when over user defined throttle position
  • Red or blue LED dot matrix 0.7" display available with purchase of SMART handheld or SMART display
  • Powered by a powerful next generation high quality PIC Microcontroller
  • Audio alerts when down-shifts are blocked and enhanced menu interface
    configurable enabled or disabled
  • External shift inputs (paddles, slap shifter, push buttons, etc, and ratchet shifter with purchase of SMART+ module)
  • Switch between TCU or shift box control on the fly with optional TCU package on compatible transmission types
  • Can be used with a TCU or on it's own as a standalone transmission controller
  • Wiring harness with plug in connection
  • USB A to MINI B type cable required to connect to your PC
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Retail price ONLY $349.99


SMART 100.1 shift box
ONLY $259.99

Expected to be in stock 4/20/18

SMART 100.1 shift box
ONLY $259.99

Expected to be in stock 4/20/18

DSM TCU Package
ONLY $10.00



Disclaimer: Forced Four, and the employees of Forced Four are not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by the misuse, improper installation, product glitches, or product failures.  By installing this product and using this product, you are agreeing to this disclaimer. Forced Four will stand behind the quality of our products, and will try to correct any issues you may have while using this product, but are in no way liable for what this product may do.

Added to catalog on 1/31/17


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